Fixes for bhyve

Video BIOS for bhyve


The following patch works on FreeBSD 13-CURRENT:

It is virtually the same as the patch for FreeBSD 11.3, except for a Makefile change to cope with the use of ld from LLVM instead of GNU Binutils. UEFI patches and config file are the same as before.


These are the files you need to patch bhyve on FreeBSD 11.3:

Upgrade the system and install the following ports:

Follow the vm man page for the basic setup and add the config file to your templates directory. Download a suitable Live ISO image. Use the config to create a new VM:

        vm create -t graphics_2019-07-19 vm1
        vm install vm1 debian-live-9.8.0-amd64-cinnamon.iso
        vncviewer -SecurityTypes None localhost

Debian with Cinnamon, openSUSE with GNOME, and CentOS with KDE should all work fine. Ubuntu has a gfxboot problem, but boots into a working desktop environment if you select "live" at the boot prompt. GhostBSD reaches the desktop, but the mouse does not work, probably because FreeBSD doesn't handle the tablet.